Mayerbach multifunction oven

Products Description


At once a decorative element and practical source of information on the operation of the appliance, the illuminated oven handle is an outstanding combination of fashionable design and functionality.

Easy clean enamel interior

Means much easier cleaning of the oven as the grease does not stick to the oven walls.

Double halogen oven lighting

Internal, double oven lighting, in the form of two halogen lamps located on the sides of the chamber, allow you a perfect view of the baking dish.

Number of steam programs 16 steam programs

The steam oven is the perfect combination of standard cooking functions and steam programs. Now you can classically bake a cake and prepare steamed vegetables or bake bread. With steam cooking dishes retain valuable vitamins and appetizing appearance. Integra Smart Oven steam programs are ideal for those who appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. See that the dishes prepared on steam are juicy and retain nutritional value.


The use of an internal reflective pane allows the temperature at the front of the oven to be reduced by 15%.

Wire shelf

Drying ladder is equipped with protections, making it stable and allows you to easily eject without fear that dish will fall or slip.


Aqualytic makes cleaning the oven chamber becomes extremely easy and fast. Cleaning goes smoothly thanks to the super smooth structure of the enamel AquaRealEase®. Just pour in the bottom of the oven 0,5 l of water, set the temperature to 90°C and 30 min or pour water and turn on the Clean function on the display. The steam penetrates easily between impurities and the wall of the oven, resulting in a significant softening soiled locations. Wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge to get a shiny, free from dirt surface.

Soft open and close

The soft open-and-close function for the oven door makes using the oven even more convenient and more of a pleasure. It offers more control when opening and closing the oven door and thus a more pleasant user experience.

Temperature probe

It precisely measures the temperature inside the food. The oven automatically switches off and gives a sound signal once the set temperature is reached.

Number of user programs 20 user programs

You have your favorite dishes? Take advantage of the functions of user programs. Create and save your own settings to make baking even more enjoyable.

Products Specification


Width 59.5 cm
Height 59.5 cm
Depth 57.5 cm
Colour Black mat
Energy Rating A+
Total Power 3.1 kW
Oven Capacity 661 litres
Top Heater 900 W
Bottom Heater 1100 W
Ring Heater 2000 W
Electric grill 2000 W


Number of baking modes 10 oven functions Number of baking programs 98 baking programs
Rapid preheating Steam programs
Number of user programs 20 user programs Number of steam programs 16 steam programs


Side racks Oven cleaning Aqualytic cleaning system
Easy clean enamel interior Temperature probe
Double halogen oven lighting Reflective pane
Soft open and close Illuminated handle
Number of roasting trays: 2 Wire shelf
Eco Function