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Mayerbach Sinks

MBS-Line Specifications

SIZE : 116*51*19
Equipped with automatic waste discharge system
With all the accessories necessary for installing
2 bowl
ARIAPURA sinks are dirst-proof. Unsightly linescale won’t be able to deposit. Because of this reason sinks are easier to clean as less detergents are required, making the latest Telma sinks “eco-friendly”. ARIAPURA active agent is in the sink’s mass; this means that the agent action is maintained throughout the sink’s life, even in case of surface usury and scratches.
Elimination of Germs and bacteria determines a significant bad smells reduction, both on sink and in the air, making a fresh and healthy kitchen ambiance.
The active ARIAPURA component destroys bad smells and pollutants substances often found in the kitchens, caused by heating, air conditioning. cooking processes (generating smokes and vapours), cigarettes, particulate matter, etc.
Basically, the active ARIAPURA component, which is integrated in the whole sink’s mass, exercises the same air purifying action of a tree placed in the kitchen.